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We’ve pulled together the top places that will be truly making their mark in the year ahead.

Our list of top holiday destinations are perhaps more important than ever. We’ve taken great care in selecting places to suit all travel appetites, taking our cue from those in the know – the surfers, the food-truck vendors and the museum curators. 

There are, of course, countless spaces to explore on this planet, and many ways in which to do so, but this is our carefully curated selection of those spots coming into their own in your year ahead.

In no particular order, and including an insider tip on where to book to stay if we have personally already tested somewhere we’d like to recommend to you.

Travel the world

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

Anyone setting foot in a new country will understand the power of travel. New places, people, smells, sounds and tastes work together to craft stories we cherish. Stories we pass on. Stories that inspire more people to overcome fears, set forth, and explore the world.

We believe the world gives us so much, and we all have a responsibility to do good. While travelling shows us so many positives, it also gives us a first-hand perspective on the world’s.

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